Friday, November 30, 2007


November 30, 5:20 pm, a Japanese import , right hand drive, baby blue work truck like this one....dropped off a girl on Prideaux street.
License 1705 LJ. Again, a fairly unique vehicle.


7:20 pm Black Toyota Pickup, Possibly a Tacoma picked up a girl on the corner of Victoria and Prideaux...dropped her off less than 20 minutes later on the same corner. License number 3395JV


islandbluejae said...

Good morning! SO, where can I send any license numbers I've collected?

Just post them in the comments??

Dear John Nanaimo said...

Islandbluejae, will you be at the neighbourhood meeting on Tuesday night?

islandbluejae said...

I'm planning to attend, as long as I have no problems walking over.
I'll bring the numbers with me.

Dear John Nanaimo said...

okay then...find Dilling.