Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fair warning now....

Dear Johns:

You have had fair warning....television news and now print.
Dear John Nanaimo is up and ready.


kazz said...

I think this is a great idea!
Hats off to all thoose who have to put up with that kind of stuff! you should`nt have to.

It is your neighbor hood! I Qringe just driving in that neck of the woods!

To think of all those police that were involved with such a display of FORCE up at an empty building on Victoria Rd... trying... to find reason to shut down a clubhouse,
yous should be ashamed of yourselves!
That end of the street is crime free...the crime is at the other end of the street, (or do
you just close your eyes)
Quit trying to be heros and go help the other end of Victoria Rd and then at least your earning your pay!!!!!

linzeebc said...

I heard about this site on the news and I think it's brilliant. It's just too bad we can't always get pictures of the johns and hookers.
I was driving there today and I actually saw in broad daylight, two men smoking "crack" right in the park... it's sick!
Hats off to those cracking down on their neighborhood crime and doing something about it. It's your neighborhood - not theirs!