Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday, November 23
3:05 pm
288 HBT


nanman said...

If you want to clean up Nanaimo it is very easy have about six police officers.Walking the beat or (streets) and NO WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE POLICE go look at the police parking lot at any time of day or night it's full of police cars.They need to show a presence down town 24/7 trowing the drug dealers,drug users,pimps,prositutes in jail and trowing them out of jail before breakfast so it does'nt become a free meal and some were comfortable to spend the night .And when they move some were else in the city do the same until they get the message to GET OUT.THIS WILL TAKE A FEW MONTHS BUT IT WILL WORK.We cannot continue to build shelters in down town Nanimo for the homeless and addicted , At the same time build convention centres,and hotels to attract visitors to spend money in this city..HOW THE CITY LET IT GET THIS BAD AT THE SAME TIME AS TRYING TO PROMOTE DOWN TOWN NANAIMO ON THE WORLD STAGE IS AMAZING (YOU WALK MORE THEN 50 YARDS IN ANY DIRECTION OF THE NEW CONFRENCE CENTRE YOUR LIKLY GOING TO BE HARASSED OR WTNESS A CRIME AM SURE PEOPLE WILL WANT TO COME HERE WITH THERE FAMILYS AND CO-WORKERS TO RELAX

islandbluejae said...

FYI That hooker/heroine junkie's name is (apparently) "Karen".

I have some license numbers from Victoria Rd and area, that I should give you.


Dear John Nanaimo said...

Islandbluejae~more eyes are always appreciated.